Send a Burger and Cola (Pepsi or Coca-Cola) to actve duty Israeli Soldiers  

Delight our soldiers out in the field with a
Hamburger & Cola
and your good wishes!

Share your feelings with them at this difficult time in a very tangible way.

In addition to pizza from our well known site, we are giving you the opportunity to send Burgers & Soda* to our beloved active duty soldiers. This includes soldiers on regular military service as well as those who have temporarily left their homes, families and jobs to serve the Jewish people as Miluim (Reserve Duty) fighters.

All our deliveries are coordinated with the security forces
and thus pose no security risk.

We deliver your burger order right up to the soldiers out in the field: jeep and foot patrols, roadblocks, army bases and on guard duty.


With your order, we include your personal message to the Israeli soldiers. Our soldiers love to know that they have support from all around the world. We have included a selection of messages that people have written to the soldiers. Please read them and we are sure that you will be inspired as much as we are! It is without doubt as tremendous an experience for us to give out the burgers and soda as it is for the soldiers receiving them, in the knowledge that people everywhere support them.

Four packages, all with delicious hamburgers and bottles of cola, are available. All orders are carried out via PayPal's secure server.

You can choose from

  • five Pizza packages,
             all with 18" pizza pies and large bottles of soda
  • Pizza and Soda for residents of Sderot baked in Sderot pizzerias
  • Hot Hearty Healthy Soup
  • Burgers and Soda

You may pay via Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diners or PayPal.

Please press here to order.

Payments are processed via PayPal -- there is no need to register or to be registered with PayPal.

Your gifts of over $250 are eligible for a US IRS tax deduction.

Tell your friends about this way to help.


You can also keep sending pizzas and soda to our soldiers at


All our products are Glatt Kosher l'Mehadrin
allowing all soldiers receiving them to be able to eat them.
We continue to take orders during Pesach and will deliver these after the Festival.
Delivery to the soldiers is included in the price.

For further details or questions, please write to .

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This page last updated on 28th December, 2008

* Pepsi or Coca-Cola (Coke) depending on the hechsher (kosher supervision) of the particular burger restaurant.